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DVD with all three of Agnetha's 2004 interviews, the "Agnetha" documentary with Lotta Brome (Has its own incorporated subtitles), the "Ekero" Ranch short interview and the full 40 minute TV4 interview shown December 2004, this interview has English subtitles added by myself, verified by a Swedish speaking person to ensure accuracy. For the TV4 Interview & Ekero Ranch Interview, you can remove the subtitles if you wish using your DVD controller and watch subtitle free, or add them back in at any point. (For PAL version), the NTSC version has the subtitles embedded (not removable).

Each section has its own menu to select from with a rare Agnetha music track playing. Comes in a lovely DVD Box case for ideal presentation.


Anonymous Pete said...

Diego thank you so much for the DVD's (Agnetha 2004 interviews and The Story behind the Blonde). Im sorry it has taken me a while to see them especially as you sent them immediately ie the day I ordered them. The quality is excellent and the way you have packaged them very professional. I will definately order other things in the future. These are a must have for Agnetha fans obviously for different reasons - bearing in mind the terrible C5 docu. - Diego thanks again. Pete

7:09 AM  
Anonymous Martin said...

I agree with Pete and I can't add any more to what he has already said. 100% Diego.

Thanks. I will be back. Martin

11:23 PM  

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