Sunday, February 04, 2007


For all fans of Frida, this DVD can supplement the recent Shine CD release.

Styled to match the CD, the DVD has Shine 12" Extended Video which can be seen in a post below, the Twist In The Dark promotional video now in stereo which was not included on Frida-The DVD, One Little Lie with remastered Dolby Stereo Sound, Come To Me (I Am Woman) video from a guest appearance on a pop show, Heart Of The Country remastered to Dolby Digital Stereo and the shorter 7" video version of Shine, also remastered to Dolby Digital Stereo sound.

Comes in cardboard CD single style wallet which can go alongside your CD, the DVD has an interactive moving image musical menu where you can "play all tracks" or select them individually.

The DVD label also matches the recent CD release.

For details ho to get one email me at


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What can I say....ABSOLUTELY SHINING!!!!!!!! A few days ago, I received this so fantastic and special FRIDA 6-track DVD and I am so very very happy with that brilliance of sound and picture quality!!!! The outstanding and self created video version of "SHINE" (12"inch Extended Version) is GREAT GREAT GREAT!!!! Also the other tracks, which feature all Digitally Remastered Sound are fantastic! Also nice to have the rare TV appearance of "Come To Me" from the 1984 PLATTENGALA! All these remastered tracks are FANTASTIC and this DVD is a REAL MUST HAVE for every FRIDA FAN! All my best wishes from Vienna and many thanks again! BERND

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