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Now, two versions available, the DVD with both mono AND stereo soundtracks or a version with higher picture settings of 9586 kbps with stereo soundtrack only, the mono removed. New updated DVDs now have a bonus Chiquitita video track from "Snowtime". ABBA in a Swiss coffee shop sat at a table.

The VIDEO CLIP above is a "Blended" video made up of the original "early version" ABBA performed on ABBA In Switzerland. If you listen carefully, you can hear the original mono mix under laid with a stereo "remix", blended together for some fun. (Not on the DVD), loaded here just for fun.

The DVD features the 1979 show in full, with two completely independent soundtracks. All music on one soundtrack is now stereo with the mono original soundtrack retained on the second separate soundtrack if one prefers to listen in 1979 mode!!

ABBA, Kate Bush and Roxy Music songs can now be fully appreciated in stereo. The only remaining mono segments on this brand new soundtrack, are the opening dancers and any spoken parts during the show.

The DVD plays the new stereo soundtrack as "default" on first playing the DVD, however, if you wish to switch over to the originally transmitted mono sound, you can do so by using your DVD controller. Stereo sound is set to Audio 1/2 level and the mono sound is set to 2/2 level. The show is fully chaptered at relevant start points to all the songs. Click on the picture above to see details of tracks and chapter points. Also added is a bonus slide show using a "Does Your Mother Know" DJ remix as soundtrack and many, many lovely pictures taken of ABBA during the shooting of the show in Leysin Switzerland.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

If this show was officially released on DVD this is how it should be done. This also has the Kate Bush and Roxy Music performances which is good to have as it gives the show a more complete feel. Needless to say the quality is A1. I do have this show from from another fan DVD (minus KB and RM segments), which I've since thrown away cos it's not a patch on this one.

2:59 PM  
Anonymous Erik Liebstaedter said...

I am a first version of this DVD with boot mono and stereo sound. It's a wonderful DVD. I don't imagine an version without the original mono version because the sound is unique and the stereo sound is not take from the show.

Erik Liebstaedter
Valencia, Spain

3:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fabulous, though I do prefer the original mono sound. Another triumph Diego! Many thanks, Paul

11:55 AM  

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