Sunday, February 04, 2007


Here is a new video I have done for Let It Shine, This is my favourite 12" version from her "I Stand Alone" album from the 80's.

The video is taken from the 7" single release, edited to fit the 12" club version, sound was equalised, some parts of "I Wasn't The One" video inserted at the beginning, the 12" "break" is inserted with edited clips from various parts of the video and a still picture of Agnetha in her "krimped" hair style look at the abrupt ending. The video lasts 5 mins and 19 seconds.

PLAYING TIP: Allow the video to load at least half way with the red slider moved across to over 50% or the video will stop playing, this is because the YouTube settings cannot keep up with the High Definition settings used for the video. I added the video at highest possible settings so you can see & hear the full effect of the video. Another tip is to click the video then click on pause and wait for the red slider to move along enough for the video to play. playing catch up. Once fully loaded it can be played once more as long as you remain in this browser.


Hope you enjoy


Anonymous Craig said...

My favourite video of Agnetha's (so far!) Clever editing makes this another must-see video from Diego :-)

12:37 PM  

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